Why I Gave Up On Blogging

Hi there, Chelsea here. It's been a little quiet here around the blog. Ya know, life + all that jazz.

Have you ever discovered something you love to do, spend (almost) every waking moment learning about it, Googling every how-to, and then just getting burnt out in a matter of days? 

Yeah, blogging can be a little like that. 

I'm about to be a little bit vulnerable here. When we launched our blog barely a couple months ago, we knew we needed to build up a library of content so people had a reason to stick around. At the time, posting three times a week seemed totally doable. 

Inspired by the many people out there that make significant $$ through blogging, I thought we'd plan + write content on the weekends and post during the week. Easy peasy. 

Google and I Have a Love/Hate Relationship

Mid-obsession, I Googled everything about blogging how to come up with blog ideas, what kind of content to post, how to use social media for blogging, etc. What I kept finding were posts like, "5 Tips for Making Money With Your Blog," "How to Quadruple Your Followers," and everything in between. I really appreciate all of the people who try to share their knowledge about blogging and help others succeed.

However, I was discouraged. I tried to follow the tips. I tried to find our niche. I tried to pinpoint our audience. To be honest, there were days that we had zero views. Ouch.

After spending one weekend a few weeks back kayaking, I let the blog writing + planning slip. One week turned into two, and now we're onto three.

Getting Back on the Horse

After a great conversation with my good friend Kirstin of The Balance Culture (she's seriously the best), I came to terms with the fact that blogging is HARD WORK and I have to BALANCE my time. Blogging is something I love to do, in moderation.

I'm not actually giving up on blogging. I am just slowing down the pace a bit and posting once a week. We still don't have an exact idea of what Rosario Creative Co.'s blog is. It's a lifestyle blog (thanks, Kirstin). We're documenting our life + creations. Our real, messy and (hopefully) inspiring life.

If you've every struggled with digital comparison + discouragement, what did you do to get inspired again?