Feeling Uninspired? Where We Find Creative Inspiration

Chris and I (Chelsea) are creative people. If you know us in real life or through this blog, you've probably gathered that. Our inspiration is gathered from various sources, whether it's a place, website, other bloggers, etc. We'd love to share what's inspiring us these days. 

What Inspires Chris


Let's get the obvious stuff out of the way. If you're not inspired by Instagram or at least someone on Instagram, then you are either living under a rock or think you're too cool for social media school. One of my favorite artists on Instagram is @sumbleby. He designs some great characters for BentoBox Entertainment (Bob's Burgers, anyone?).


A little known fact about me is that I love cycling any kind of bicycle is my favorite bicycle. Rapha is a cycling apparel company that actually has cool clothes. I love watching their films, especially the ones of the annual ride they do every year, the Rapha Continental. I'm pretty sure I spent half a summer watching all of them on their Vimeo account.


I. Love. Movies. I learned this early on in life. It started with The Sandlot. I thought those kids were my friends (I'm not kidding). Movies take you from where you are to an entirely new world. I use movies as a way to help me look through a different lens and change my perspective. They inspire me to tell a story through what I create. Some of my favorites include Toy Story (I, II, and III), Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.


As a musician and audio technician, I naturally am drawn to music. I listen to all kinds of music depending on how I feel (however, I'm never really in the mood for country...hmm...weird — sorry y'all). Some of my favorite artists include Mute Math, Death Cab for Cutie, Iron and Wine, Bon Iver, Jose Gonzalez, S. Carey, and many more. Listening to music sets the tone and provides the soundtrack for the magic to happen (creativity, that is). As I write this post, we are listening to Passage by Lower Case Noises  great working/studying music!

What Inspires Chelsea


Instagram has evolved into this colossal microblogging platform that inspires creatives to be intentional and artistic with their memories. I love the explore feature and am always finding new artists, bloggers, and people that live inspiring lives. Some of my favorite Instagram peeps include: 

@chelsieantos — Photographer traveling the US in a camper with her husband
@melodyjoymunn — One of my best friends; killer photographer + designer + coffee drinker
@loree.1 — An amazing photographer (and co-worker, yay!) that has beautiful Pacific Northwest scenes
@_kayleedaily — She rocks purple hair like it's nobody's business; love her playful + colorful style

Elle & Company

I came across Elle & Company just a few weeks ago. This little gem of a blog has the most helpful posts on Squarespace and all of the practical elements to running a blog. You go, Lauren!


Spotify has a playlist for everything! Seriously. I usually start the morning with a study or ambient playlist. After lunch, I jam out to millennium hits or acoustic covers. After work, I listen to various cardio/fast-tempo running playlists for my workout. It's like the soundtrack of my life.


Okay, okay. I know every blogger out there is a coffee addict. I will sheepishly admit that I'm one too. Besides needing coffee to get going, I love enjoying a cup of coffee with Chris or a friend. It helps me slow down and enjoy moments. Sometimes all I need for a creative breakthrough is a good, strong cup of coffee. 

Hope these sources of inspiration help you combat burnout and begin to create! Figure out what inspires you to use your God-given talents and gifts! Let us know in the comments what inspires you!