Why We Switched From Wordpress to Squarespace

Many bloggers debate whether Wordpress, Squarespace or Blogger (Blogspot) is the way to go. You'd be surprised to know that I (Chelsea) started blogging with the Blogger platform in 2010. Pinterest had just exploded and I was knee deep in home decor and craft ideas that I wanted to spread around like confetti. Blogger was the cheapest (FREE!) of all the options out there at the time, so I jumped in and launched 'Tis So Sweet on Blogger.

The Wordpress Days

Fast forward a few years. I needed a portfolio website and had a little bit of Wordpress experience from my job at the time. I researched free and premium themes and how to install and customize the html/css. There were so many options out there! I couldn't believe that $20-50 could purchase a theme to make your website look LEGIT. 

I launched my portfolio on Wordpress...however, I never migrated 'Tis So Sweet over. At the time, I had tried to rebrand 'Tis So Sweet and was never fully satisfied with the look + feel (curse of the designer, really). 

Rosario Creative Co. + Wordpress

When Rosario Creative Co. was in the works, I went through numerous Wordpress themes before I was (mostly) satisfied. However, I felt that most of my time was spent messing with the code and trying to rewrite/hack the theme. I'm not talking about your basic customization changesI'm talking about meeting with my developer friends and figuring out a way to change it all together. At that point, I thought, "What is the point of starting with a theme.?" I even thought about starting from scratch and building and coding the website myself. After all the hours messing with Wordpress, I had a pretty good foundation of html/css.

Why I Was Frustrated with Wordpress

  • I spent most of my time "hacking" the theme
  • Almost everything required an additional plugin and numerous steps + processes
  • I wasn't in love with the look
  • It was time consuming
  • Did I mention it was TIME CONSUMING?

The Stigma of Squarespace

I never considered Squarespace because I thought it was for people who didn't know anything about coding. I thought my website would end up looking like everyone else's out there and I'd have limited customization. I honestly thought Squarespace was a fleeting trend.

Rosario Creative Co. + Squarespace

As I've mentioned before, I love Lauren Hooker of Elle & Co. She is pro-Squarespace and has tons of great Squarespace tips on her blog. At the peak of my frustration with Wordpress and a raging desire to rebrand (yet, again), I made the rash decision to migrate over to Squarespace...like in one night (I don't recommend that). We were early on in our blog, so it was pretty much now or never.

The moment I began working with the Squarespace interface, I was like, "Where have you been my whole life!" I realized that I had been spending valuable time troubleshooting when I could have been writing, posting, and inspiring. I was hacking a theme to create something that was just okay. 


Why I Love Squarespace

  • I spend majority of my time writing + posting  instead of messing with code
  • I still have the option to customize html/css
  • Easy integration with MailChimp
  • I LOVE the way my website looks and can easily change it if I get bored
  • It's easy, quick, and intuitive
  • Technical support is quick and helpful

Overall, I still see Wordpress a great Content Management System (CMS) for developers. It just wasn't a great fit for this blog. If you have questions about Squarespace or are thinking of making the switch, let me know!