How to Create a Wood Instagram Photo Backdrop

When I take Instagram photos, I always look for the best surface or texture for the background. In many cases, my laminate kitchen counters or tile floors aren't the best option (both are on the list of house updates). 

Often times, I use a basic white or colored foamcore board, which are a couple bucks at any craft store. I've even tried using scrapbook paper, but this has proven to be a bit on the small side. I spend more time compensating for the tiny crop size rather than composition.

Chris and I put our heads together to think of way to build a cheap wood background we can use over and over again. We came up with something very simple + quick.

What You Need:

  • 2' x 2' square of manufactured (OSB) wood
  • 1" x 4" x 8' pine wood planks (2)
  • Brad gun
  • 2" brads
  • Minwax Wood Finish Stain in Dark Walnut
  • 4" foam brush
  • Table saw
  • Power sander
  • Hook and loop 220 grit sanding disc

1. Cut

Take your pine wood planks and cut them every 2' with your table saw. You should end up with eight pieces. 

2. Nail

Use the brad gun to nail the planks to the OSB square. We used four brads per plank. These can be placed near the outer edge of the planks, with one close to the top edge and the other close to the bottom edge. See the picture below for reference.

3. Sand 

Use a power sander with a hook and loop 220 grit sanding disc to sand the corners and any sharp edges. Also, run the sander over the surface of the planks to create a smooth surface for staining.

4. Stain 

Take the foam brush and dip it into the stain. Stain the cracks first, making sure the stain reaches any visible areas in the gaps. Using a slow, steady hand, stain the top of each plank in one long line. Using short strokes will cause harsh lines in the stain.

Once we applied the stain and while it was still wet, we took a rag and wiped off the excess stain on the surface. This created a lighter stain and more contrast in the wood grain texture. We also stained the sides of the OSB square for a more uniform look.

5. Dry

After staining, set the board flat in the sun or a cool, dry place. It should take approximately 12-24 hours to completely dry.

Chris and I thought about attaching a handle to the side of the board for easy storage. Overall, it's a great multi-use piece that works with tons of photos. We may even make another with a different color stain for a little variety. 

If you have any questions about this DIY, comment below. Let me know what you use for Instagram backgrounds!