Lakelandia: Simple Vintage with Scout & Tag

Chris and I love exploring Lakeland. Over the past eight years (has it really been eight years already?!), we’ve discovered charming retail spaces, eclectic restaurants, and a thriving young community. Many new spaces have popped up on the horizon in the past couple of years, making Lakeland a little more “Lakelandia” every day. One of our favorite new places downtown is Simple Vintage + Scout & Tag, a carefully curated collection of vintage and refinished furniture.

Our Experience at Scout & Tag

Walking through the door of Scout & Tag is like walking inside a Pinterest board. You know, the one with all of the DIY projects you never have the time to attempt? The good news is that Scout & Tag exists beyond the pictures on your computer and you can purchase the gorgeous vintage furniture and handcrafted pieces on site.

As we make our windy path through Scout & Tag, it’s hard to focus on just one beautiful piece of furniture. Dressers, desks, handmade jewelry, and various home accents fill the space. Beautiful light fixtures hang along the walls and illuminate the modestly-priced vintage pieces. Each corner of the space is thoughtfully arranged and carefully curated.

The great part about Scout & Tag is that they not only have vintage furniture, but they also sell various art, decor, and prints created by local artists. We walked away from Scout & Tag with an amazing set of chairs and a fun pineapple-patterned scarf made by East of These.


Where to Find Scout & Tag

If you are looking to give your living space a face-lift with Scout & Tag’s one-of-a-kind furniture pieces or simply looking for a place to find local art/decor, make your way to Scout & Tag. They are located at 244 N Kentucky Ave, Lakeland, Florida and are open until 6pm Monday through Saturday. You can also check them out on Facebook.