5 Popular Design Trends That Aren’t Dead (Yet)!

 1. Cinematic

Whether it’s websites, imagery, or film, cinematic is this year’s buzzword. Photography is more epic than ever, with stock photo resources like Unsplash and Stocksy leading the way for Instagram-esque images. Films are characterized by poetic voiceovers and slow motion landscapes, usually looping as html5 videos on website landing pages. And in web design, everyone is looking for their own take on the Squarespace workspace.

2. Workspaces

Speaking of workspaces, the whole “from above” trend is going strong, especially as Instagram continues to be this year’s most popular photo/social media app. A couple succulents, a Wacom tablet, colored pencils, an iPhone, and a copy of #GIRLBOSS — voilà, you have a blogger workspace.

3. Flat Design with a Twist

Thanks ios7 for launching us into the era of flat design. Since flat design has been big for the past few years, I’m seeing more flat illustrations garnished with subtle gradients and geometric shadows to add depth and dimension without being overtly skeumorphic.

4. Sketchy

Shirts, prints, decor, and designs look like they’ve been ripped right out of a sketchbook. From hand-lettered typefaces to simple black and white doodles, sketches are fun and quirky and add a personal touch.

5. Squares + the Grid

It always comes back to the ‘Gram. With the popularity of square photos, grid-like layouts are conducive to square images and designs.

Hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the current trends in the design-sphere. Do you hope these continue to thrive or are there any you are itching to ban? Let me know in the comments!